Raising Pups


Clayborn puppies are handled from birth on.  We start early neurological stimulation or supper puppy exercises at three days old.
2 day old 092
We provide them with a stimulating environment to help them develop confidence and problem solving abilities.  They enjoy playing with tunnels, slides, balance discs, and a variety of toys.  They are exposed to many different surfaces and textures.  They are exposed to the  TV, household noise and activity.
038 (2)
The litter goes out and about early and often.
They are exposed to the outdoors and different environments.  They go to church, friend’s houses and other safe environments.  The puppies go on a number of car rides.
053 (2)
We expose the puppies to as many different types of people as we can.  The puppies get a chance to play with men, women and children.
The pups get to meet other dogs and when possible play with other litters.  We try to introduce them to a variety of breeds and ages dogs who are good with puppies.
The puppies are litter box trained and started on house training.  They are exposed to crate training and start to learn how to be alone.  We work on leash training and sitting for attention.  They learn bite inhibition with people and dogs.  They are exposed to the lure and encouraged to chase it.  We teach them to play with people and work with us.