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Jacob stack

Cindy Wolpin and Karen Fink(Rubia Hounds) shared Jacob with me in 2012 to sire our Quest Litter.  Jacob stayed with me for about six weeks.  I had the pleasure to run him in the 2012 ASFA International Invitational.  Jacob was a wonderful house guest and very easy to live with.  He is just the kind of dog I want my puppies to be.

C. Hayes 2

C. Hayes

Jacob is a beautiful coppery red color.  He looks some much like a fox that it is neat to just watch him.  His personality is what really drew me to him.  Jacob is a sweet, gentle dog who is a pleasure to be around.

Jim Wallace resized

Jim Wallace

Jacob has successfully competed in straight racing and lure coursing.  He is an International Silken Windhound Society Straight Racing Champion.  He is also an International Silken Windhound Society Field Champion in lure coursing.

Dave Mills copy

Dave Mills

Jacob race small copy

Dave Mills 2

Dave Mills

IMG_9229 copyJacob 8 weeks resized