Firecrackers 11 Weeks


Clayborn’s Flying Stars

Starla is spunky and full of energy. Starla loves people and playing. She is very biddable and social with a strong play/prey drive.

Starla is sable brindle spotted white. She is available to the right home. Starla has the temperament and structure to do it all. She is a show/performance/breeding prospect. She is MDR1 clear/CEA carrier.

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Clayborn’s Outta My Way

My Way is lovable with a soft side and an independent streak. She is a fun biddable girl if you understand she likes to do things her way.

My Way is a dark red brindle spotted white. She is available to a companion home. She is MDR1 clear/CEA carrier.

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Clayborn’s Ignite the Night

Flash is an agile explorer. She is very people oriented and social. She has a strong play drive and loves to play with people. Flash is one of the first to explore new places, escape from the pen, investigate and climb on new objects.

Flash is Reserved. She is a black and tan brindle. She is MDR1 clear/CEA carrier.


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Clayborn’s Twirl N’ Swirl

Pearl is a sweet, fun little girl.  She is off to be a beach girl in California.

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Clayborn’s Whistling Dixie

New Name: Clayborn’s Phantom Night Owl

Dixie is an athlete. She enjoys playing, exploring and climbing on things.

Dixie is going to be an agility dog in TX.

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Happy July 4th!