Firecracker 4 Days

Noella: Clayborn’s Prairie Warbler and Apache: Firebirds Lone Ranger welcomed their Firecrackers April 12, 2015.  They are each named after fireworks.

group4 group3 group2

Clayborn’s Outta My Way

My Way is the first born puppy.  She is a red brindle spotted female.

This little girl was in such a hurry to be born that she rushed her sister and caused a traffic jam in the birth canal.  She was in second place before I repositioned the two, but beat her sister to be first born.MyWay2 MyWay3 MyWay4

Clayborn’s Ignite the Night

Flash started out in first place, but finished second born.  She is a black and tan brindle.

Flash1 Flash2 Flash3

Clayborn’s Twirl N’ Swirl

Pearl is a gold brindle spotted female.

This little girl must have had second thoughts about being born and tried to make a U turn on the way out.  She was born shoulder first with her head turned back.  Her mother was not pleased.Pearl Pearl2 Pearl3

Clayborn’s Apache Firedance

Rusty is our only boy.  His is a red brindle just like his daddy, Apache.

Rusty1 Rusty2 Rusty3

Clayborn’s Whistling Dixie

Dixie is a red brindle spotted female.

Dixie2 Dixie3 Dixie

Clayborn’s Flying Stars

Starla is a sable brindle spotted female.Starla Starla2 Starla3

Firecrackers 4 days old

Firecrackers 9 days old

Firecrackers 2 weeks old

Firecrackers 3 weeks old

Firecrackers 4 weeks old

Firecrackers 5 weeks old

Firecrackers 6 weeks old

Firecrackers 8 weeks old

Firecrackers 9 weeks old

Firecrackers 9.5 weeks old

Firecrackers 10 weeks old

Firecrackers 11 weeks old

Happy July 4th!