Bugs 9.5 Weeks

Clayborn’s Doodlebug

Show/Breeding Potential Double Clear


Doodle is the smallest and most refined of the litter, but he is always in the middle of the action.  He is very sweet, loving and outgoing.

Doodlebug is flashy and moves beautifully with nice angulation.


Clayborn’s Hug-a-Bug

 Show/Breeding Potential Double Clear


Hug is a sweet boy who loves to play.  He is the highest energy of the litter and may enjoy doing performance.  Hug is very people oriented and likes to cuddle.

Hug-a-Bug is flashy, balanced and moves beautifully with an outgoing personality.

IMG_9315 IMG_9352 IMG_9365 IMG_9411

Clayborn’s Lightning Bug

Show/Service/Therapy Potential  MDR1 clear/CEA carrier


Lightning is an extremely people oriented puppy.  He has a gentle personality and is eager to please.  He is quite biddable.  He is food and toy motivated.  I believe that he has the sane, stable temperament to be a service or therapy candidate.

Lightning Bug has very nice angles and movement.  He is broader with more bone than his littermates.

IMG_9183 IMG_9197 IMG_9281

Clayborn’s Jitterbug



Jitter is a fun, silly boy.  He is pretty busy and likes doing things.  He would love to be in the middle of a family’s daily activities.

IMG_9477 IMG_9482 IMG_9539 IMG_9454

Clayborn’s Ladybug

Show/Breeding Potential Double clear

Staying at Clayborn.

Ladybug is a princess and she knows it.  She is a very sweet, loving puppy with fabulous structure and movement.

IMG_8945 IMG_8993 IMG_9020 IMG_9036 IMG_9545

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