About Us

We purchased our foundation bitch Phoebe, Firebirds Smoke’N Fire Brindle, from Firebird Silken Windhounds in 2010.  Phoebe has been a wonderful introduction to the breed and a true treasure.


We have partnered with Bobbie Deis of Firebird to build a strong breeding population of Silkens in Colorado.  We share a goal of producing dogs with stable temperaments, solid structure and healthy bodies.  We want our dogs to be beautiful on both the inside and the outside.  Our dogs are house pets and family members.  They have had success in the show ring and performance sports.

History: Cathi Wester

I began working with dogs in 2000.  I spent six years volunteering weekly  in the behavior department of a local shelter training dogs and teaching obedience classes.  I started my pet sitting and dog training business in 2005.

I have worked with many rescue dogs, both in the shelter and in my classes, with issues.  I have concluded that fewer dogs would be in the shelter/rescue system if better dogs were being bred and raised.  Dogs that do not have major behavior issues are more likely to stay in their homes.  Most owners do not sign up for a dog that requires major training to be a pet.

I will do everything in my power to insure that my puppies become the type of dogs that people will keep for life.  Breeding decisions are made with temperament as the first consideration.  The puppies are raised with Early Neurological Stimulation, heavy socialization and training.  Families are matched with the puppies that will fit in best for them.  Clayborn puppy owners have life time support and we will take a puppy back at anytime, for any reason if they can not stay in their home.


Our dogs are house pets.  They enjoy time on the couch, sleeping in bed and playing hard.   They are training in obedience, nosework, lure coursing, straight racing, and agility.  Several help me in the obedience classes I teach as demo dogs and helping to socialize other dogs.

The dogs are on a mostly raw diet.