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Available Show/Performance Bitch: Noella



Noella, Clayborn’s Prairie Warbler, is available as a show/performance/breeding prospect to the right home.  She is a very special dog who will add a lot to the home she goes to.

Her parents are: Phoebe: UKC CH, IntCH Firebirds Smoke’N Fire Brindle CGC, NW2 and Titus: RBIMBS UKC CH Ricmar’s Kristull Tradition.

If interested, please contact Cathi at

Noella has a beautiful head that is a nice blend of the whippet and borzoi.  She has beautiful expression.  Her pigment is dark for a dilute color.  She has a scissor bite with good occlusion and no missing teeth.  She has a good ear set and nice sized ears.  Her neck is long, elegant and flows smoothly into her shoulder. She has a good shoulder angle and nice return of upper arm.  Her feet are hare and have good knuckling.  Her pasterns are strong.  Her rear angulation is nice.  Her tail set is correct.

I think that Noella has a lot of breed type.  She has a feminine top and bottom line.  She is moderate without too much or too little bone.  She is very balanced and square.  Her side gait is nice.

Noella is almost 21″ at eight months.  She is MDR1 clear and CEA carrier.


 Noella competed in her first UKC conformation shows Nov. 16 & 17.  Alyson Brown showed her for me and helped Noella to have a wonderful time in the ring.  She had fun and showed like a champ.  Noella won Best Female in her second show for her first win over competition. 

She has a very fun personality.  From the time she was a tiny puppy her tail has been wagging.  She loves people and interacting with them.  She can be cuddly, but she really likes to do stuff.  She is easy to train and wants to figure out what is wanted..  She is very food motivated and will also work for the lure.  She has a toy drive that would be easy to develop too.  I have done a bit of agility training with her.  In one 10 minute training session, she was doing the dog walk, a-frame and teeter with just a treat at the end. She is very driven on the lure.  She has done a few practice runs and has impressed the lure operator.  She is very strong on plastic.

Here is video of her chasing the lure:

Noella is very confident and spunky in a comfortable environment.  She is full of herself and very bold.


Noella’s dam is Phoebe: UKC CH, IntCH Firebirds Smoke’N Fire Brindle CGC, NW2 

Her sire is Titus: RBIMBS UKC CH Ricmar’s Kristull Tradition.

Chloe is One!

Chloe (Clayborn’s Quest for Glory) is one!  She has added so much to my life.  Chloe has a wonderful sense of humor and joy of life. She loves to play and loves to run.  Chloe will be starting her running career soon.  I expect her to do well as she has already been clocked at 28.823 mph. 




Noah at 1yr

Noah (Clayborn Hero’s Quest) turned 1 year old on August 16.  He is turning into a wonderful young dog.  He keeps his owner laughing and enjoys life.  We think he is beautiful.



Clayborn’s Prairie Warbler

 Noella is growing up to be a beautiful little girl.  She is a soft golden color with dark eyes and pigment.  She is small, curvy and moves very nicely.

Noella’s temperament is wonderful.  She loves people and her tail is always wagging.  She is a very fun little dog.  Noella is very keen on the lure and loves to play chasing games.

Noella is available as a show/performance/breeding prospect.

If interested, please contact Cathi at





Clayborn’s Spotted Towhee

Spot is a loving, happy, handsome boy.  He really enjoys spending time with people and is loved wherever he goes. Spot is enthusiastic about chasing the lure.  I have high hopes for him as a show and performance dog.




Clayborn’s Meadow Lark

Meadow Lark is sweet and loveable with a soft slightly serious temperament.  She is a lot like her father.  She likes to play or just hang out.  Meadow looks like she is going to be a bigger girl with a beautiful coat and soft colors.  She is extreme white with cream spots.






The puppies all got together for a playdate on July 15th along with their big sister Chloe.  Fun was had by all and the pups were happy to see each other.